1D PREF #260; Broken hearts...

  • Zayn: You hold onto your mum's hand tightly as it rests on the hospital bed, squeezing it every now and then seeking a reassurance that didn't come. As the sound of a long, loud beep fills the room your gaze flicker quickly to the heart monitor hanging from the wall, eyes wide with fear. "Mum!" you scream desperately, leaning across the bed and hugging your mother tightly as you begin to shake, whimpering, "Mum,". As the doors burst open and medical staff pile into the room, you feel familiar arms wrap around your waist, pulling you gently away from the scene and out into the hallway. You instinctively bury your face into Zayn's chest as you begin to sob, "I need my mum Zayn, I need my mum,". He rubs your back soothingly, his own voice shaky as he whispers, "It'll be ok, it's all going to be ok,".
  • Liam: He flinches away from the reassuring hand you attempt to place on his back. He snaps his head towards, eyes red and puffy from crying, "Why? Where has this come from? I thought we were good!". You let out a shaky breath, squeezing your eyes shut for a second, "We were Liam, but then we weren't. I'm sorry, I just can't do this anymore," you look over at him desperately, "I've tried Liam, I really have, but I just can't, not anymore,". He sniffs, wiping his nose with the back of his hand as he regains some composure, "But why? What changed? Did I do something wrong?". You shake your head, battling to hold your own tears back, "No Liam. Honestly, it's not you, it's -". He cuts you off before your finish, jumping to his feet angrily, "Don't you dare finish that sentence. Don't even bother," he snaps before walking out the door.
  • Niall: "Why does this keep happening though?" you ask desperately, arms flailing, "Time and time again, I do everything, I give everything, but each and every time I still get my heart broken,". "Hey, shush," your best friend soothes, wrapping his arm around your shoulders and pulling you in for a hug, "Stop with this self-pitying business. If they can't see what they're missing, well then it's bad luck to them because you're going to do better,". "I want to believe that Niall, I do," you sigh, hiding your face in his neck, "But it keeps happening... I'm not strong enough anymore,". Niall pulls away, looking you straight in the eye, "If you don't think you're strong, I think we'll have to go look at the black eye that prick is going to be sporting in the morning,". Despite yourself, you laugh, and you watch how a smile grows upon his own face, immediately making you feel better.
  • Louis: You stare at him aghast, "You want to 'call it a day'? It barely even started!". "Exactly!" Louis reasons, arms held out wide, "Better to get out of this now, than to make it worse in the long run - at least now we can still survive as friends,". You shake your head in disbelief, "We didn't even give this a proper chance, you're just walking away before you've even tried!". "I have tried," he points out with a frown, "I can't see us working in the long term... And there's someone else I think i've got a better chance with,". His comment takes you by surprise and you pause for a moment, looking over at him puzzled, "Someone... Someone, else?" you can hear the emotion obvious in your voice. He points at you defensively, taking a step away, "Don't (Y/N), don't. We were never exclusive, we never put a label on this," he sighs, rubbing his forehead stressfully, "Look, I hope we can still be friends,".
  • Harry: The letter falls from your grasp onto the dining table as silent sobs begin escape your chest and you hide your face behind your hands. You're not sure how much time passes before you feel a comforting hand rub your back. "Hey, what's happened?" Harry whispers, kneeling down beside the table so his face is level with yours. You groan as he pulls your hands away from your face, cupping them in his own, waiting patiently for you to explain. "It's my brother," you sigh sadly, biting your lip, "He's sent back his wedding invitation with a note saying he doesn't want anything else to do with me, with either of us," your voice cracks before you break down into floods of tears. Harry's face drops before he pulls you gently down off the chair, onto his knees, and he holds you tight, rocking you both slightly as he whispers, "I'm sorry. I'm so so sorry,".
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    1D PREF #259; Saying goodbye...

  • Liam: You laugh, your hands on Liam's chest pushing him away gently, "Liam, stop it, you're going to make me late!". "Hmm, just one more minute," he teases back, punctuating each word with a kiss. "No, no," you squirm out of his grasp, "I'm going, i'm leaving," you shout back, heading quickly towards the door. "Without a goodbye kiss?" you turn to find Liam pouting, his bottom lip pushed out as he looks over at you with puppy eyes. You roll your eyes, laughing when he grins widely as you make your way back over to him, pressing your lips to is for one last kiss before whispering, "I'm gone,". "Really?," Liam shouts after you, teasingly, "I can still see you!".
  • Louis: "So shall I call you again tomorrow or?" you fall back onto the bed, your fingers twirling a piece of your hair as you wait for your boyfriend to respond. "Nah, i'll ring tomorrow, don't want you to pile up all these ridiculous overseas phone charges," he replies, stifling a yawn, "God i'm knackered! This tour is wearing me out,". You smile sadly, "You should go then, get a nap in before the show tonight,". He's quiet for a moment before he replies, humming slightly, "Hmm, maybe,". "Are you going to hang up?" you question, rolling over onto your front. "I was waiting for you to hang up first," he laughs. "You're the one half falling asleep, it should be you who hangs up first, i'm fine," you grin, rolling your eyes. Through your phone you hear him burst out laughing, and you can imagine the way his eyes would crinkle, "God, when did we become that annoying couple who argue over who says goodbye first?".
  • Niall: You sit awkwardly beside Niall on the edge of the settee, biting your lip to try and stop your tears from falling. The silence echoes around the room and time feels frozen as neither of you speak or move. Eventually he sighs slightly, and the noise brings you back to consciousness. "I um, I should probably go then yeah?" you question apprehensively, avoiding Niall's gaze, "If this is done?". There's a pause before he replies solemnly, "Maybe... Yeah,". You nod, getting to your feet and moving towards the apartment door and walking through it. You pause in the doorway, turning back round and catching his eye, seeing your sadness reflected back to you in his. After a moment you muster a small, sad smile as you raise your hand slightly in a wave. He returns the gesture with a small nod of his head before getting to his feet and moving towards his bedroom silently.
  • Zayn: "So you definitely packed everything?" you question nervously, looking up at your boyfriend. Zayn smiles warmly back down at you, nodding, "Yes, I definitely packed everything - even the kitchen sink,". You shove his shoulder playfully, frowning slightly, "I'm being serious! Half of the time I think you'd lose your head if it wasn't fastened on,". He rolls his eyes, dipping his head down to kiss you gently, "I'm alright you know, i've done this quite a few times now you know,". You sigh, nodding as you lean into him, his arms wrapping around you protectively. As the moment passes, you pull away, forcing a smile, "So i'll see you in three weeks?". He nods, kissing your forehead gently, "I'll see you in three weeks,". You fold your arms across your chest and don't leave the airport lounge until Zayn's out of sight.
  • Harry: You lay back on the settee, massaging your forehead roughly in an attempt to de-stress you - all you could think about was the massive argument you'd had with Harry earlier that day. Eventually you flick on the TV in an attempt to distract yourself, quite unsuccessfully, when there's a knock at your door. On the other side of the door stands your boyfriend, his hands held up in surrender, and you sigh, stepping back to allow him space to enter. Before you can say anything, he cuts you off. "Look, I know earlier was a big deal, and we can't just fix it like this," he clicks his fingers, "But i'm leaving tonight with work and I really didn't want to leave without getting a proper goodbye,". You gaze up into Harry's face, recognising the complete resignation there as you nod, quickly running into his familiar hold. He holds you tightly to him, pressing a firm kiss to the top of your head. You squeeze your eyes shut as your hands grip onto his coat tightly, like you didn't want to let go, and you murmur, "We'll sort this,".
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    1D PREF #258; You visit him while they're on tour...

  • Liam: “This place is just huge,” you gasp as Liam leads you out onto the empty stage during a break in sound check. “I know,” Liam agrees, his tone just as disbelieving. You hold out a hand, squinting one eye as you look towards the very back of the arena mumbling, “It’s like it never ends,”. He chuckles, resting his head on your shoulder and wrapping his arms around your waist from behind, “And now imagine it full of people,”. You shiver, shaking your head quickly, “No thank you, I think i’d wee myself,”. You smile at the feeling of his husky laugh tickling the hairs by your ear, and you lean back into him, “I am so proud of you,”.
  • Harry: “What are you grinning at?” your eyes narrow as you catch Harry’s reflection in the mirror. “Nothing, i’m just excited is all,” he shrugs, looking away and pulling on his flannel shirt, “It’s been a long time since i’ve played the tourist, i’m looking forward to it - is that strange?”. You roll your eyes, running and jumping on his back when he wasn’t paying attention, trusting him to catch you anyway. “Sorry you’re such a seasoned traveller and i’m not,” you tease, poking his back playfully. You laugh as he drops you back on the hotel bed before holding out a hand to pull you up, his eyes twinkling as he jokes, “Well it’ll be my job to show you the ropes then,”.
  • Niall: You squeal as Niall flicks water from the pool at you as you sun bathe on a nearby lounger, “Niall,”. “So…” he drawls, and you look over to him, eyebrow raised, “You come around here often?”. You roll your eyes, though a small smile plays across your lips, “You’re unbelievable,”. “Oh yeah?” he quirks his eyebrow before climbing out the pool, “But you missed me yeah?”. You shrug, acting uninterested, “Not really, the peace and quiet was nice actually,”. He smirks, shaking his hair out so the drops of water hit you, “You definitely missed me,”. You pull your towel from beneath you holding it up like a shield as he steps closer and closer to you, his arms open wide, “You sound so sure of yourself,”. He dashes forward, catching you off guard in a tight, wet hug, kissing you quickly before teasing, “So you missed me?”. You push his chest playfully, “Yes I missed you? Happy? Now get your wet self off me!”. “Super happy,” he grins, winking before jumping back into the pool.
  • Louis: “No… No Louis, go away,” you squeal holding your hands up to cover your mouth, “There’s no way i’m singing into a microphone,”. “Aw but babe, there’s no one here but me,” he gestures to the empty seats of the arena, wiggling his eyebrows teasingly. “Nope,” you shake your head, grinning as you walk away from him, “That’s your job, not mine,”. “You weren’t so shy in the hotel shower this morning,” he shouts after you, and you can hear the smirk in his tone. You spin on your heel, your mouth open in shock and embarrassment, “You’re not meant to listen!”. He jogs over to you, squeezing your waist playfully when he reaches you, “If you think i’m going to ignore absolutely anything about you when i’ve been away for a month you are crazy!”.
  • Zayn: You chuckle at your failed attempts to get out of the bed thanks to Zayn’s arm around your waist, looping tighter and pulling you closer to him at every attempt of escape. You roll over to face him, watching his face for a moment, knowing he’s awake too, just pretending, “Zayn, come on… I’m only here for a week, let’s go do something,”. “No,” he grunts, giving you a squeeze, “You’re only here for a week so I just want to hold onto you and not let go,”. You smile slightly, kissing his cheek, “What if I promise to hold your hand at all times while we’re out?”. He groans, pushing himself up onto his arms, leaning over to you to kiss you properly, breaking away to say, “I’ll hold you to that,”.
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    1D PREF #257; You get hurt by the paparazzi...

  • Harry: You watch him from your one eye that’s not covered by an ice pack, your lips turned down at what you see. He’s pacing back and forth, arms crossed tightly across his chest, and his gaze continually flicking out of the hotel room window where dozens of fans and paparazzi were waiting. One of which had hit you in the head with their camera as you made your way in. “Harry,” you whisper in a sing song melody, trying to catch his attention light-heartedly. You sigh when you get no response, “Ok I might be slightly deformed looking right now and have to hold ice to my eye but you can at least still look at me,”. He spins on his heels, making his way over to you, though his face is still stern, annoyed. “I’m sorry,” he mumbles quickly, pressing a delicate kiss on your forehead.
  • Zayn: “Oh, it’s not even that bad,” you sigh happily in relief as you inspect your injury in the mirror - what you’d expected to be a massive black eye had turned out to be mostly puffiness and redness - “I can live with that for a few days,”. “That’s not the point is it though?” Zayn snaps beside you, looking at your reflection also, “You shouldn’t have to have it in the first place - what gives them the right to push people around the way they do, and for what, a picture,”. “Hey,” you place your hand on his forearm, having a calming effect on him immediately, “Shit happens and it could’ve been worse - i’ll just have to be more careful next time we get trampled,”. He sighs, nodding sadly as he twists your fingers together, mumbling sadly, “It shouldn’t have to be like that though,”.
  • Niall: “Are you ok? Does it hurt? Oh my god, it’s bleeding, she’s bleeding! What do we do, she’s bleeding?” Niall panics beside you, clutching your arm a little too tightly to be reassuring. You hiss as the medic cleans the wound on your cheek, teeth grinding together to counteract the sting. “You’re hurting her stop it,” your boyfriend protests earnestly, “Why are you doing that anyway? Is it going to get infected? Oh god it’s going to get infected isn’t it, is she going to die?”. You chuckle slightly along with the other people in the room at Niall’s worries. You turn your head to face him, “God forbid I ever get anything that’s life threatening - your bedside manner is shocking babe,”. He shrugs, taking your hand and kissing the palm lightly as he mumbles, “You’re alright though?”. You nod, “I’ll be fine, it’s just a bit of a cut,”.
  • Louis: “Louis will you just stop,” you sigh in exasperation, wincing slightly as the medic wraps your sprained ankle in a bandage. “No… Need to teach… That fucking prick… A lesson or… Two about life and… How you… don’t… fucking hit… girls… and definitely… not my… girlfriend!” Louis shouts between ragged breaths, wrestling with Paul who was blocking the door to prevent him from doing anything stupid. “Louis he’ll have gone by now, just come on,” you plead, desperate for him to just calm down. Eventually he gives in - a credit to Paul - and makes his way over to you on the settee, “I’m sorry,”. “Thank you,” you smile contentedly, leaning into him as he wraps his arm around your shoulders. “You know if I ever see him again… I’d never let anyone hurt you,”. “I know,” you nod drowsily from the pain killers, your eyes shutting, “I know Lou,”.
  • Liam: “Ow,” you wince for what feels like the millionth time as a paramedic bandages your broken finger. Before you can voice your question to the room about his whereabouts, Liam finally shows up beside you. “Where have you been?” you moan, eyes desperate, “This hurts you know,”. “I’m sorry,” he apologises sincerely, pecking your lips quickly, “I had to go have a word with that photographer,”. Your eyes widen, “Liam you didn’t do anything stupid? Tell me you didn’t do anything stu - Ow!”. “Hey, it’s ok,” he soothes, feathering the top of your head with kisses to distract you from the shoot of pain, “It was all above board I promise,” he teases, and you can feel his smirk in your hair. “Liam what did you do?” you frown, slightly annoyed of being kept out of the loop when it’s you who had been injured. “Just making sure he has a good lawyer,” Liam mumbles simply.
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    1D PREF #256; You're working on an art project...

  • Zayn: “Why won’t you let me look?” he raises an eyebrow, trying to look past the barrier your body made in front of the canvas. “It’s… Personal. Just for me,” you mumble, focusing more on stretching yourself so he can’t even get a glimpse of your work. “And your art tutor,” he points out, shrugging before walking off to another room of the apartment. You find him hours later, stood in front of your piece of work, and you blush, standing in the doorway. The sound of your anxious breathing cause him to look over his shoulder at you, a sincere smile on his face as he mumbles, “I’m flattered…”. You nod, because truth was, your work was both so obviously, but so subtlety inspired by Zayn himself.
  • Harry: You spare a glance over at your boyfriend as he inspects your latest piece of work, noticing his slightly pouted lips. You frown, “What’s that for?”. He turns to look at you thoughtfully, “I’m jealous - i’ve always been crap at this type of thing,” he gestures to your sketch, “While you’re just naturally brilliant at it,”. You smile proudly, wrapping your arms around his waist and looking up at him, “Is it bad to say that i’m glad?”. He raises an eyebrow, “And why’s that?”. You poke his stomach gently, “Too much natural talent and you’d explode,” you smirk, leaning up quickly to kiss him.
  • Louis: “Haven’t you got anything better to be doing?” you ask, feeling Louis’ gaze fixed to you and the sculpture you were currently working on. “Am I bothering you?” he dodges the question, asking his own instead. “Not at all,” you shrug, looking over at him as you wipe your forehead with the bottom of your shirt, “I just imagined there’d be more interesting things you could be doing than watching me slave away at this,”. He shrugs, “I like it. I think this is the most… Serene, i’ve ever seen you,”. You grin, tongue sticking out slightly between your teeth as you tease, “Yeah, because usually your antics are driving me up the wall,”.
  • Niall: “Let’s see this ‘top mark of the class’ piece of work then,” Niall cheers, clapping as you carry the covered painting into the living room. “Drum roll please!” you joke, laughing as Niall immediately starts drumming on the arm of the settee. “Ta da!” you sing, pulling the cover away to display to him your work. He looks at it thoughtfully for a moment, holding his chin with his hand. Anxiously, you ask, “So what do you think?”. “Hmm,” he mumbles, “Well I think the varying shades of greenery perfectly represent equality,”. You raise your eyebrow, and he blushes, getting to his feet. “Or it’s just a landscape to me,” he laughs, wrapping his arms around you, “But it’s a wonderful one that I want to hang on my wall. Well done babe,”.
  • Liam: “You want me to… Help?” Liam asks confused, looking warily at the paint covered brush you’d just handed him. “Yeah,” you respond eagerly, already getting to work on the splatter painting you were working on, “Just flick the brush at the canvas,”. “But what if I ruin it? I don’t want to ruin your work,” your heart almost melts with how sincere he looks over at you, brush still in his hand. “You won’t,” you assure him, wrapping your hand around his and guiding how he should aim the brush so the paint hits the paper. You watch him for a moment, see the tenseness leave his shoulders as he gets more comfortable with it, and you smile, whispering to yourself, “You’ll make it even better,”.
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    1D PREF #255; Cheating (part 2)...

  • Zayn: Standing outside your front door you close your eyes and take a deep breath, preparing yourself. “(Y/N)?” Zayn’s voice floats through from the living room as you step inside, roughly pulling off your heels and throwing them to one side. “It’s late,” he mumbles quietly, appearing in the doorway looking anxious, “Is everything alright?”. You sniff, ignoring him as you walk past him towards the bedroom. He catches your arm as you brush past but before he has a chance to speak you’re already pulling it out of his grasp, snarling, “Don’t even touch me Zayn,”. Behind the closed door of the bedroom your shoulders begin to shake from silent tears. You ignore it, pulling off your dress and climbing into the ensuite shower, feeling dirty from the man in the bar. Stepping back into the bedroom once you finish, a towel held around your body, you find Zayn sat on the end of the bed looking up at you sadly. You cringe slightly, noticing the puffiness around his eyes. His voice cracks, “Are you ok?”. You bite your lip before confessing in a whisper, “I just had sex with some guy I met tonight at a bar,”. He nods once, as if he expected it, his head dipping til his chin rests against his chest. Seconds later the room is filled with the sound of his desperate crying. You move, sitting on the edge of the opposite end of the bed, letting your own face fall into your hands.
  • Liam: Your hands are reaching up into his hair when your lips freeze against Louis’ - this longer hair between your fingers wasn’t the buzzcut you were familiar with. You notice he too freezes at the same moment, and its a few seconds before you both pull away. You avoid his gaze, holding a hand to your lips embarrassedly as you mumble, “That… That shouldn’t have happened, I’m -“. “No, i’m sorry,” he hurriedly cuts in, shaking his head, hands over his eyes, “This is my fault - I’ve just really been missing my girlfriend lately and you were here, and you’ve got long hair too and you’re… soft,”. Against your better judgement you laugh, holding a hand to your stomach as if it aches, “Oh wow, thanks for that,”. His eyes sparkle slightly as you smile at eachother. You raise an eyebrow, “Are we… Good, yeah?”. He nods quickly, pushing you playfully on the shoulder, “Though I think it’s probably time we both get to bed - I mean, our own beds,”. You roll your eyes, pushing yourself up and walk towards the bunks mumbling, “Night Lou,”. You draw back Liam’s curtains, crouching awkwardly as you attempt to fit in without waking it up. “Mmm, (Y/N)?” Liam mumbles sleepily beside, rolling over and dropping his arm heavily across you, “Been waiting for you,”. You sigh guiltily, leaning across him to kiss his closed eyelids delicately as you whisper, “Shh, sleep,” before snuggling into his side.
  • Niall: Your eyes widen in shock. It takes a moment before your brain and body catch up with what’s happening to you and you press your hands against the stranger’s chest, pushing him off of you. At the same time you hear a shout above the music, “What the fuck do you think you’re doing? That’s my girlfriend!” and Niall is forcefully pushing the guy even further away from you. A crowd of party-goers is gathering, and you rush forward to place a hand on your boyfriends shoulder, whispering, “Niall, come on…”. He turns to face you, a glare in his eyes before brushing your hand off of him. You stare after him aghast as he stomps out of the club, pushing people haphazardly out of his way before immediately following him. Outside you see him spit as he catches sight of you and snaps, “What was that?”. You freeze midstep frowning at the accusation in his tone, “Me? That was all him, not me!” he scoffs, and you sigh heavily, “You bring me to a party where I know no one, and then you just abandon me for this creep to come and find me!”. You watch as Niall lets out a long breath, his expression still stern but his tone softer as he goes, “Come on, let’s just go home yeah?”. He calls over a waiting taxi, catching your hand automatically as the two of you climb into the backseats. You can still feel his tension as you bring his hand up to your lips, gently kissing his palm.
  • Harry: His hand lingers on your cheek, his gaze intense as it flickers down to your lips. “Don’t,” you mumble quietly, resting your hand above his on the side of your face, looking into his eyes sincerely as you repeat, “Don’t,”. He stays there for a moment, pressing his lips together tightly before whispering, “Then stop me,” before closing the gap between your faces. You squeeze your eyes shut, battling with yourself over what would feel really good right now, and what you should do. You sigh into the kiss, moving your hand from your own cheek to his to push him away gently, and you raise your eyebrows, “Don’t,”. He bites his bottom lip, cheeks blushing as he flops back on the settee, resting his arm around your shoulders and the two of you turn your attention to the TV. “So it didn’t go on as late as we were expecting so - I didn’t know you were coming round,” Harry’s cheerful tone fills the room as he walks in the front room later, his tone turning sterner when he catches sight of your friend. You sigh, knowing they didn’t get on at the best of times and you give Harry a warning look. “Neither did I, but that’s what you get when you’re not round yourself,” he jibes sarcastically, smirking at the reaction he’s getting from Harry. “I’m here aren’t I?” Harry’s mouth fixes in a line. Your friend stands up, eyebrows raised as he adds, “Oh yeah? Well you weren’t here when I kissed her were you?”. Harry’s nostrils flare as he takes a step forward, and you quickly jump up, putting yourself between them as Harry mutter quietly, but threateningly, “Get out of my fucking house, now,”.
  • Louis: “What?” Louis’ voice drawls from the other end of the line. You let out a sob, unable to control yourself as you keep checking back over your shoulder, “Can you… Can you come and pick me up?”. “Babe, are you ok?” his tone instantly changes to one of concern, “Is everything alright?”. “Can you just… Come and get me please,” you cry, sniffing as you tell him where to find you. The whole car journey home you can’t seem to find your voice, tears still running down your cheeks - and what only made you feel worse was Louis resting his hand on your knee the whole time, his concerned gaze flicking towards you. “Babe, please talk to me,” he soothes gently when you get back home, wrapping his arms around you tightly. You burrow your face into his chest as you mumble between sniffs, “There was this guy…”. He pulls you away from him slightly, so that he can look you in the eye as he asks anxiously, “Did he… Did he… Do something to you?”. Your face screws up in pain from the look on his face as you shake your head, stuttering, “No… I was going to… I was mad… But then I didn’t want to and I pushed him away but then… I’m so so sorry Louis, i’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to -“. Apologies fall from your lips as you feel Louis’ body becoming tense beside you, his face becoming expressionless before he walks into the bedroom, slamming the door behind him. You fall onto the settee, pushing the balls of your fists into your eyes to try and stop your crying, worried you’d just ruined everything.
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    1D PREF #254; Cheating (part 1)...

  • Zayn: You laugh almost too loudly at his unfunny joke, letting your hair fall across one shoulder as you reach over to touch his forearm. You notice how his eyes light up as if he can’t believe how lucky he’s been - it’s sort of flattering. Or rather it would be if having a good time had been the only thing running through your mind as opposed to the fact you’d discovered earlier that day that your long-term boyfriend had cheated on you, multiple times. A hand on your thigh brings you out of your track of thoughts, and you give a shy smile over at its owner. He leans in closer, and you cringe slightly as he nibbles your ear before whispering, “Do you want to get out of here?”. You bite your lip, deciding how far you should let this go - you were still with Zayn after all. As the moments pass the guy feathers kisses down your neck to your collar bone before you nod, taking his hand as he guides you out of the busy bar. Zayn cheated after all.
  • Liam: “Is it always like this?” you ask quietly, your eyes gazing around the empty living area of the tour bus. “After a show? Pretty much,” Louis shrugs, lying on the settee beside you, his gaze fixed on the TV. You were accompanying the boys on tour and you’d been surprised by their after-show antics, or lack of - all but yourself and Louis were fast asleep already. “I think all your fans would be massively disappointed by your version of a rockstar lifestyle,” you chuckle, leaning back more comfortably on the settee. “Tell me about it,” Louis groans, pushing himself up on his elbows to look at you better, “It’s nice to still have some company at this time for once, usually everyone’s snoring,”. Your smile falters slightly, “At least someone’s happy i’m around… It feels as if Liam doesn’t want me here,” you sigh, shrugging. Beside you, Louis sits up as he places his hand on your knee, “Anyone would be mental not to want to spend time with you,”. You feel yourself blush, looking up at Louis, overwhelmed by your desire to kiss him, both of you leaning in.
  • Niall: Your gaze flitted about the bar, trying to catch sight of anyone familiar before turning back to the stranger who was currently talking to you incredibly animatedly. You’d been invited along by Niall, but almost as soon as you’d gotten here he’d vanished, leaving you on your own in a room full of people you didn’t know. You bite your lip annoyed, your gaze narrow as your eyes sweep around the room once more to no luck. “Is everything alright miss?” the guy asks suddenly, reaching out to take your hand, startling you as you hadn’t really been paying any attention to him. “Oh no, i’m great, sorry,” you smile nervously, taking a sip of your drink. His other hand strokes across the furrows on your forehead, “If you don’t mind me saying miss, you don’t seem to be feeling so great,” he gestures to the party, “You come here to be left all alone, no one to take care of you. I can take care of you,”. Your eyes widen, taken aback by his gesture and his words, “Excuse me?”. Instead of replying however, he leans down, pressing his lips to yours.
  • Harry: You’d barely gotten two words out between Harry getting in from work and him rushing out the door again to go to some bar opening with his friends. “I can’t stick around now i’m late already. I should be back tonight i’ve got work tomorrow - if I end up stopping at Nick’s i’ll text you,” he’d mumbled before closing the front door behind him. Close to tears, you’d reached for your phone, dialling the familiar number of one of your oldest friends. “Are you free? Can you come round? I need someone to talk to,” you’d whispered into the handset. “Shh, come on, don’t cry,” he whispered soothingly, wrapping his arms tightly around you the moment you’d opened the door. “I don’t know what else I can do anymore, I can’t do this,” you sob into his shoulder, grateful that at least someone was here. “Shh, stop those tears,” he pulls away to peer down at you, “You know you’ve always been an ugly crier,”. Your mouth drops open in surprise, and your hit his shoulder in annoyance. He laughs, “Hey hey! I was only joking,” he grins, his thumb stroking away the tears on your cheek as he looks down at you intensely, “You’ve never been ugly, ever,”.
  • Louis: “So I just slammed the door in his face and came here!” you slur, finishing your story of how you ended up in the bar to a stranger. “Well, he doesn’t sound like any decent sort of boyfriend to me,” he shrugs, nodding to the bartender to bring you both more drinks over, “But that’s just my opinion,”. “Exactly!” you nod enthusiastically, draining the rest of your drink, “He can be such a pig headed twat when we argue,” you poke your new friends arm, “You on the other hand, are a much better listener,”. He smirks, letting his hand slip around your waist, “Much better at other things too I reckon,”. You giggle drunkenly, hiding your face in his broad shoulder, “Oh naughty,”. “What do you say to the two of us getting out of here?” he whispers in your ear, his hand dropping further to cup your bum. Without thinking you no, rushing to your feet and stumbling as you do, only for him to catch you. Giggling still, he guides you out into the car park, pushing you up against what you assume must be his car. You pull his head down to press your lips to his, which he quickly deepens, groaning slightly into your mouth. It’s like your brain wakes up from its drunken stupor when you feel his hand on your bare thigh, inching higher and higher that you push him away forcefully, “No, I don’t want this, leave me alone,”. He spits at you angrily, “You’re the bitch that’s been leading me on all night, go on, get out with you,” he pushes you out of the way and climbs into the car. You pick yourself off the floor, tears running down your face as your hands shakily reach for your phone, automatically dialling Louis’ number.
01/04 22:36

    1D PREF #253; Your flights delayed...

  • Note: [request]
  • Louis: "You've got to be kidding me?" you shout at no one in particular, stamping your foot after the PA announced your plane as being delayed. You sigh, feeling almost close to tears as you sit back down, and pull your phone out. 'Flights been delayed, could cry xxx' you type out, hitting send. Mere seconds pass before Louis replies, 'What?!?! You're kidding me? You should tell them to hurry up, you've got a boyfriend you haven't seen in two months to meet!!! xxx'. You chuckle sadly, feeling a tear roll down your cheek, "If only it was that simple. It's just typical isn't it? I miss you xxx'. 'Soon. As soon as your silly plane decides to show up, i'll be there. I love you xxxxx'.
  • Harry: "Hmm i'm tired," you mumble, wrapping your hoodie tighter around you as you lean into Harry's side, "I was planning on sleeping on the plane but no... they had to go and delay it didn't they!". Harry laughs quietly at your resentful tone, "I don't think they did it on purpose,". "Well you never know, they might not want us to have our holiday," you look up into his face curiously, "How come you're not really annoyed about this?". He smiles, "I go on a lot of planes, and very often. I'm just used to it now,". You nod, attempting to repress a yawn but failing. "You can sleep you know," he wraps his arm around your shoulder, allowing your room to snuggle more comfortably into him, "I promise i'll wake you when our plane gets here,". "Hmm," you mumble, "You better do Styles,".
  • Niall: "So what do you think?" you turn to Niall, posing wearing tacky pineapple shaped sunglasses. He rubs his chin as if in deep thought, "It's a classy look... Very refined, though I think it could be improved with...". You watch as his eyes scan the contents of the small airport stall you stood by, clearly looking for an addition to the ensemble. "This hat!" he eventually decides, plucking a flamingo shaped hat off one of the shelves and placing it on your head. "Definitely!" you both laugh, clutching at your sides. "Hey!" the shop owner shouts at the two of you, scowling, "You wear, you buy don't you know!". Minutes later Niall posts a picture of the two of you to twitter - you wearing the glasses and he the hat - captioned, "You wear you buy DONTCHA KNOWW'.
  • Zayn: Both of your gaze follow the flamboyant family as they find a spot to sit in the waiting bay - not only were they all wearing matching garish hawaiian shirts, but they were also singing 'We're all going on a summer holiday' at the top of their voices. You turn your head slightly to look at your boyfriend who wore a matching smirk. "I mean it's cute," you mumble into his shoulder, "And they're all excited and stuff, but does it make me a really horrible person that i'm really hoping we're not seated anywhere near them,". "I was thinking the exact same," he chuckles quietly, kissing the top of your head before holding his fists out dramatically, "Why oh why did our plane have to be delayed! We'd almost be in America by now!".
  • Liam: "Oh, answer that one!" you squeal slightly, pointing out a tweet on Liam's phone. The two of you were huddled up in one of the corners of the waiting bay, passing time by doing an 'Ask Liam and (Y/N)' as you waited for your delayed flight. He turns to look at you with a smirk, his eyebrow raised, "#askLiamn(Y/N) Liam!!!! What's your favourite thing about (Y/N)?". You shrug, sticking out your tongue playfully, "Maybe i'm curious,". He rolls his eyes, "Fine, but you can't look,". You look out the large windows at the passengers boarding their plane - that'd be you two soon. "Ok, done!" Liam announces, a playful smirk on his lips. "Oh let me see," you reach out for his phone and read the tweet aloud, "'Her airplane, they're purple' - Liam!". "I forgot to say they were stripy too," he adds, shocked at himself, snatching the phone back. You laugh, punching his arm jokingly, "Go home!".
01/04 21:28

    1D PREF #252; His open letter to fans...

  • Harry: Hello you. How are you? Having a good day I hope? I’m pretty good myself in case you were wondering. More than just pretty good I guess you could say after the past three years we’ve had. It’s been.. Unreal. I wake up most morning, still not quite able to get a grasp on the fact that this is my life now, but it’s you who makes this possible for me. For us. This journey we’ve been on, still going through, it’s more than just me and these guys, more than even One Direction, it’s about you. I hope you know that right? It doesn’t matter that you might not be the one on stage singing, and it doesn’t even matter if you’ve never had the chance to meet any of us or spoken to us. You’re all One Direction, just as much as Niall, Louis, Liam, Zayn and myself are. Enough with getting all deep and meaningful.. Did you know elephants only sleep for two hours a day? Don’t think I could manage that myself. Anyway just, thank you. Really. Speak to you soon. With love, Harry. x
  • Zayn: I guess the biggest thing I need to say to you all is thank you. I think maybe I don’t say that often enough. Thank you for changing my life and letting me have the career of the dreams. I get scared sometimes that you guys might think i’m ungrateful when i’m really really not. Everything happened so fast, and even after three years i’m still not used to it all. I don’t think having camera’s pushed into my face and girls screaming and crying when they meet us is anything I will ever get used to. It’s scary sometimes, all this attention. But then I see the guys, or I look out at the faces smiling back at us when we’re on stage, or I see a nice message from one you on twitter, and I just remember and smile. I wouldn’t be able to do any of this without you, none of us could. I wish I could thank every single one of you individually for how much you’ve changed my life for the better. I am so happy right now, whether I show it or not, and I hope you are too. Thanks, Zayn xx
  • Louis: Wow. I could never have imagined on that day I went to audition on the Xfactor that just a few years down the line i’d be where I am now, that we’d be here. And with such amazing support across the globe! This just doesn’t happen to people like me. The opportunities we’ve been given, to travel the world, to meet so many of you it’s just… Unbelievable. And there’s times when I miss home, and times where I feel a bit lost, or that the media attention is getting a bit much, but at the end of the day i’m having the most fun I could ever imagine. Don’t think we ever take anything at all for granted. We certainly don’t take you guys for granted. We wouldn’t be here without you. If we ever get the chance to meet, expect a massive squeeze from me. I don’t think we’ll ever be able to thank you enough for all this. Just remember: have fun and be silly! Who needs to grow up eh? Lots of love, Louis Tomlinson xx
  • Liam: Howdy there partners! Hope you’re having a great day! I know I am. It’s been a great past few years actually, and none of it would have been possible without the incredibly loyal support of all you guys. We’ll never be able to thank you enough for that. There’s a lot of people who don’t understand how all this has happened, but me and the lads have got it sussed. Directioners are like a family. Every no and then there’s a silly argument started by some even sillier rumour, but at the end of the day we have eachothers backs, and want to see eachother do well. It’s you guys who win these One Direction awards. It’s you guys who absolutely smash records, not us. And we’re determined that one day we’ll be able to meet all you of you to be able to thank you properly. I think we’re all going to be in this together for a long time coming. And remember everyone!!!! It’s on like donkey kong! Love Liam xxxxx
  • Niall: Hello my peeps! This is crazy, honestly. I’m just a kid from Mullingar, this doesn’t happen to people from Mullingar! It’s you guys who have done this! It’s all down to you that I get to spend my days with the four best friends I could ever ask for. It’s down to you that I get to sing and play guitar. It’s down to you that i’m getting to live out the dream i’ve had ever since I was a young’un. Thank you so much, you guys just blow me away. And you’re absolutely barmy, all of you! Look at what you’ve done! How many awards you’ve got us, records you’ve broke. How many times have we broke twitcam? Bonkers. Absolutely bonkers. I’m never going to forget any of this, you guys are letting me have the time of my life. You all deserve a big, massive, sloppy kiss. Pucker up! You’re incredible, all of you, and don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise! Me and the lads know the real truth! Love, your Nialler
12/02 0:48

    1D PREF #251; Fainting...

  • Note: [request]
  • Zayn: You fan your hands rapidly in front of your face in an attempt to create some kind of breeze. "How do you do this?" you whine, breathing deeply, "How do you seem fine when i'm dying of heat stroke over here?". Zayn shrugs, smirking as he wipes away the beads of sweat on your forehead, "I guess just with touring a lot, we learnt to acclimatise quickly,". You groan, resting your head against the table top, "I never thought i'd be wishing for the rain and wind back home,". He reaches over to rub your arm, concerned, "(Y/N) we should get you inside for a while, the room has air con,". You nod, pushing back your chair and heading towards the hotel, wary of shaky steps. "(Y/N)!" you hear Zayn shout, but as if he was miles away. You take another step forward, feeling yourself losing balance, but before you manage to hit floor you feel something grab your waist.
  • Louis: "Oh buggery shit shit shit fuck shit bugger!". The shout jolts you awake from your nap. "Oh crap man, get the first aid kit," another voice drifts down the tour bus. A feeling of panic sets in your stomach as you get up and makes your way to the kitchen area where the others were gathered, stumbling slightly with your steps as the bus passes over a speed bump. "What's going on, what's happening?" you ask, moving to stand by Niall. You gasp, hand flying to cover your mouth as take in Louis, a bloody gash across his palm and wincing while Paul tends to it. "Oh god no," you mutter, your hand moving to cover your eyes, while you hold your other to your stomach. You’re torn between desperately wanting to look after your boyfriend, to make sure he's ok, and your fear of blood. You start to feel yourself going dizzy, and you stumble to one of the benches and sit down. "(Y/N), are you ok?" Niall questions, looking at you suspiciously. You struggle to respond, you eyelids becoming heavier. Just before you blackout, your hear Louis shout, "As if one casualty isn't bad enough,".
  • Niall: Your eyes of squeezed shut as you hold the bridge of your nose with one hand, taking several slow, deep breaths. "Ni," you mutter quietly, careful not to be loud enough to disturb the meeting, "I need something to eat,". You look over to the side where Niall smiles, nodding, "There won't be long left now," he mumbles back, "We'll go get something as soon as it's done, promise,". Your breathe shudders, "No Niall, I really need something to eat. Now," you were really beginning to regret not having breakfast. He squeezes your hand tightly beneath the table in response. You whine quietly, feeling your skin begin to heat up, your stomach tightening uncomfortably as you squeeze your eyes shut once more. The next thing you know your cheek is against the wooden table and there are several faces hovering above yours. You groan as you push yourself up carefully, "I told you I really needed food," you mutter without thinking. Beside you Niall passes you a selection of snacks from the vending machine, a sorry look on his face, "I'm sorry babe, I didn't realise you thought you were going to faint,".
  • Liam: You open your eyes, squinting at the brightness of the room. You groan, your head stinging as you push yourself into a sitting position, mumbling under your breath, "Shit,". You glance around the room, realising you're in the bedroom frown - the last you remember you were in the kitchen. "She's up! She's awake!" the shout makes you jump and you whip your head around to the door, finding Liam rushing into the room. He sits down beside you on the edge of the bed, "How do you feel?" he questions, biting his lip. "Like i've been hit by a train," you chuckle slightly, "My head hurts," you wince as you touch the delicate spot on the back of your head. You watch on as Liam pouts, "That's my fault. When you fell you hit the back of your head - I couldn't get to you in time, none of us could,". You frown, brows knitting together, "What do you mean I fell? I was making lunch,". He smiles, somewhat painfully, his eyes sad as he brushes a few pieces of hair out of your face, "You fainted love,".
  • Harry: "Well that was scary," Harry's voice rings slightly as he kisses your forehead gently, "Are you ok?". You frown, eyes narrowing as you take in the small, white wash room you found yourself in. A squeeze of your hand draws your attention back to Harry. "Where are we?" you ask him quietly, your voice slightly panicked, "What's happening? I thought I was in bed, I thought I was asleep...". You trail of, eyes widening as you look around the unfamiliar room once more. "Hey, shh," he soothes, taking hold of both your hands reassuringly, "We're in the shopping centres medical room. You fainted,". "I... I fainted?" you stutter, finding it all difficult to understand - you could have sworn you'd been at home in bed. He nods, and you know he's telling the truth by the way his eyes are round with worry. "We were just walking, and then you kind of mumbled my name and then you were falling," he explains, shaking his head as if trying to banish the memory, "I didn't know what was happening. I caught you and you weren't responding. It was kind of terrifying,".
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