1D PREF #190; You're arguing and he scares you (part 2)...

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  • Liam: You push yourself up onto your elbows as you look up at your boyfriend. You notice him sigh before reaching out for you and you flinch away mumbling, "Don't touch me,". He freezes in his actions his eyes widening and mouth opening and closing at a loss of words before stuttering, "I, what? You thought... What? No, i'd never... No I... You didn't think -". He stops there, letting out a groan of frustration as he brings his hands up to his own head, pulling at his short hair slightly, before turning on the stop and heading straight out of the front door. You stare at the closed door for a while before you get up and move yourself onto the settee, where you hug a cushion to your chest as tears begin to make an escape down your cheeks. Later that evening your head whips round as the front door opens slowly. Your heart tenses as Liam walks through the door, his eyes red and puffy as if he'd been crying, and you're surprised slightly that Zayn is following him into the flat. You raise an eyebrow, and Liam mumbles, "I didn't know if you'd want to be alone with me after... I never meant to scare you I promise. I'd never -" no more words come out though as he chokes on his own sobs. You rush over to him, cupping his face in your hands, seeing the genuineness in his eyes and believing him completely. He sniffs, laying his hands over yours, "I am so so sorry I scared you. I would never ever do anything to hurt you ever, please tell me you know that, because I would never ever -". You cut him off, whispering, "I trust you,". His arms envelope you in a tight hug as the two of you cry quietly into eachothers shoulders, and briefly out of the corner of your eye you notice Zayn silently leaving.
  • Zayn: Your eyes remain transfixed on Zayn's hand, watching every minute movement of his hand curling and uncurling into a fist, conscious of where it might strike next. You are so caught up in your fear that you tune out everything else, and it's not until the hand lays on your thigh shaking it slightly that you jump up and away from him. "Babe are you -" he watches you unsure, and you notice the corners of his mouth droop as he recognises the look on your face, "Did I - oh my god,". You watch as he rakes his fingers through his hair - his little stress habit - before looking between the coffee table and you as he continues to mumble, "I thought you were just ignoring me because you were mad, but you were - were you scared of me?". You bite your lip, nodding slightly, and you feel your chest squeeze painfully at the look of anguish that spreads across his face. "Oh god, I didn't, I wouldn't... I am so sorry (Y/N). I shouldn't have..." in his shock he struggles to gather his words and he gets to his feet, watching you with eyes of pure sadness, "I would never do anything to hurt you, never. I just, i'm so sorry...". You close the gap between you, snaking your arms around his waist before sobbing into his chest. His arms wrap protectively around you, his lips pressed to the top of your head in feathering kisses as he whispers apologies and reassurances, and you feel safe again.
  • Louis: The impact doesn't come though, and you open your eyes to look over at Louis who was stood with his hand in his hair, his eyes wide in horror. "Shit," he mutters, pulling at his hair, getting louder as he goes on, moving away from where you sat at the dining table, "Shit, shit, shit!". He leans his head against the wall, and hits the wall pathetically with one fist, before it slides weakly down the wall, and you can see his frame shaking slightly - was he crying? You get up from your seat, place a hand on the small of his back and whisper, "Louis, I -". It's his turn to flinch away from your touch now though, and he turns around to face you with red and watery eyes, "No (Y/N). Shit, you thought I was going to hit you... Shit. If you'd ever thought i'd do that to you, to anyone, I don't..." he groans, pushing the balls of his hands at his eyes. You can feel the tears forming in your own eyes now, and you reach up to pull his hands away from his face, holding them tightly so that he can't hide himself again, "I'm sorry," you whisper. He shakes his head, sniffing, "No, i'm sorry I scared you. Get a job if you want, I don't care. I'm just so so sorry," his apologies are muffled by your hair as you wrap your arms around his neck, hugging him tightly to you.
  • Niall: You wince as you hear Niall collide with the door, his fists banging as he begs loudly for you to come out, that he didn't mean it. You can't bring yourself to open the door though, not quite yet while your eyes are stinging with tears, and eventually you find yourself sat on the floor, head leaning against the door. As the minutes tick by, the banging lessens, and you recognise that Niall's voice has returned to normal, if pleading - the angry stranger you'd encountered before was gone. Getting to your feet, you open the door, and your gaze falls to Niall who was sat on the edge of the bed, his face in his hands while his shoulders noticeably shook. He looks up with sore looking eyes and his voice cracks as he speaks, "I am so sorry,". You nod, forgiving him, though you still find yourself standing warily by the bathroom door. He reaches out a hand and offers it to you, and with a small, nervous smile, you take it. As you walk closer to him he brings your hand to his lips, kissing the palm, before looking up at you with genuine eyes, "I promise I would never hurt you - i'd rather die than that happen. I'm sorry,".
  • Harry: "(Y/N)?" Harry's voice cracks, but you don't look up. You're still sat next the back of the settee, your arms held over your head in protection. You hear a sharp intake of breath, and you peek at him between your entwined arms and see his broken expression. Slowly you lower your arms, moving yourself so you're sat cross-legged while he is knelt beside you appearing to still be in some kind of state of shock. Eventually he does speak, but it's a broken whisper, "I do care about this relationship, I love you. And that’s exactly why I need you to know that I would never hurt you," he closes his eyes tightly as he goes on, "I shouldn't have thrown that stupid vase but, I don't know. I would never do anything to intentionally hurt you, never,". You watch him as he goes silent, his eyes still tight shut, and slowly you raise a hand to cup his cheek. You feel him lean into your touch slightly, and it's a few moments before he opens his eyes, and the sadness there causes you physical pain. "I'm sorry I said all those things," you whisper, knowing now you'd taken things too far. "Don't apologise," he insists, placing his hand atop your own, "I needed to hear it. Sorry for being a crap boyfriend, and sorry for scaring you,".
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