1D PREF #176; He blows you off so one of the other boys take you out instead...

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  • Liam: 'I'm sorry babe, not going to make it. This interview is taking forever and we still have more after :( I'm sorry!! xx'. You sigh as you read the text, typing out a quick reply saying you understand - that was the good thing about texts, means you don't have to show how disappointed you really are. "What’s up?" you look up and finding Louis looking over at you from across the break out space - him and Zayn had finished their interviews for the day. You smile over at him sadly, "Looks like you and Zayn had it easy today, they've still got interviews," you bring your hands down either side of you on the settee and push yourself onto your feet, "No cinema tonight then,". "What were you going to see?" Louis looks over at you, head tilted to one side. "The new marvel one," you shrug, "Ah well, will just have to wait til it's out on DVD. I'm heading off so..." you trail off, walking towards the door. "I'll come with you," he jumps in quickly, and you turn to face him curiously. "Louis I don't think -" you start, but he cuts you off, jumping to his feet too. "Just as pals obviously," he holds his hands up in surrender, "I was wanting to see it too... Just thought it might be better than doing nothing with your evening?". You think it over for a moment before smiling, giving him a quick nod, "Come on then, the film starts in half an hour!".
  • Zayn: You walk into the hotel room feeling your stomach sinking when you realise Zayn isn't there. Despite his obvious absence, you look around again, as if by some chance you could have missed him. Niall looks up from where he's lying on one of the hotel beds, reading a magazine, "He's gone out with some of the band,". "We... We were meant to be going out for a meal, it was his idea, he must have just forgotten..." you mumble, more to yourself than Niall, turning your back to him as you pull out your mobile and dial Zayn's number. "Zayn?" you hold the phone slightly away from your ear, the music from whatever club he's in blaring out, "Zayn, where are you? We were meant to be going out...". "Am out having a laugh with my mates babes - i'll talk to ya tomorrow or something yeah?" you only just catch his voice over the noise, notice how badly he's slurring before he hangs up promptly. You sink til you're sat on the edge of what must have been Zayns bed, your phone falling to your side, and the tears start to fall down your cheeks. It's not until your feel an arm wrap around your shoulders that you realise you weren't alone in the room, and you quickly wipe your eyes, mumbling, "Sorry, i'll just -". Niall rolls his eyes, opening his arms wide for you, "Don't be daft, come here," and you happily fall into his arms, comforted as he wraps himself tightly around you, protecting you. You feel him sigh against you, his hand stroking through your hair as he mutters, "He treats you like crap (Y/N), I don't know why you stay with him - you deserve more,". You don't say anything, just pull away and smile embarrassedly at your friend, blushing when you feel him tentatively take your hand. "Let me take you out for dinner (Y/N)?" he looks up at you, his cheeks faintly red. "But Zayn -" you start, but Niall just shakes his head. "Can we forget about him for one night," he shakes his head, scowling at the mention of your boyfriend, his band mate, "It's his own loss if he can't realise how incredible you are,". You look over at him, taking in the obvious fondness he held in his eyes as he looked at you and nod - you wanted to forget about Zayn, at the very least for tonight.
  • Niall: "Come on in," Liam grins, opening the door to the apartment he and Niall shared for you to come in, "I doubt he'll be much longer,". You roll your eyes, smiling as you settle down on the settee, "I don't know why i'm surprised, Niall's never had any sense of time,". "You're right there," Liam joins in with your laughter, shaking his head, "He's always makes us late for appearances and things - we've actually started telling him we have to be ready even earlier, so at least then he's on time!". "Oh gosh," you laugh harder, hiding your face behind your hands. "You look nice," Liam smiles at you shyly, "Off anywhere special?". You look down at the simply black dress you were wearing, "Thanks. My aunty helped organised like a charity dance, party thing, so we're heading over there," you roll your eyes, "Dress code, formal,". He chuckles slightly at your obvious distaste, "Well i'm sure you'll have a great time anyway...". He trails off as the front door opens, the noise of loud laughing and joking making its way into the apartment. "Hey," Niall cheers, his eyes then falling to you, and he leans over the back of the settee to kiss you on the cheek, "Hey babe. Look whose here!". He gestures behind him where Sean Cullen is stood, pulling a silly pose. You roll your eyes, "Hiya Sean," you chuckle, smiling widely at how happy Niall seems, having his best friend here. "So me and Sean were going to hit some clubs, just popped home for me to get my wallet," Niall explains as he looks through the pockets in his hung up jacket for it, "You two are welcome to join obviously,". "I'm alright mate," Liam answers immediately, but you can feel his gaze intensely focused on you. "Erm, Niall," you speak quietly, looking over at him unsure, "It's the charity event tonight...". You watch the realisation dawn on Niall's face, and he looks helplessly between you and his best friend, "(Y/N), babe, i'm sorry, I completely forgot. It's just - Sean's only here for the weekend, and... I'll make it up to yeah? Promise,". You sigh, but plaster a smile across your features as you nod, "Sure," and he leans down to kiss your cheek again before heading out the door after Sean. "Well that’s a night of me stood by the buffet table alone then," you sigh harshly, getting to your feet. "I could join you if you want?" Liam asks quickly, "It's not the same I know, but at least I could give you some company at the buffet,". You look over at him with a smile, nodding brightly, "If you would Liam, i'd seriously owe you big time,".
  • Louis: You stare at the door that has just closed behind you joyous boyfriend, off out on a night on the town with his old school mates. You're staring in disbelief for a long moment before the expression is replaced by a frown. "Typical," you scoff, looking over at a shocked Harry who had just walked into the room from his bedroom in the flat he and Louis shared. "What? I haven't done anything," he watches you with a slight smirk on his face, but seeing you being serious, his eyebrows knit together slightly, "What's happened?". "Louis' gone out with his mates, when we had arranged to go out together but it seems he forgot," you sigh, "And I wouldn't mind, and I don't want to be a naggy girlfriend - but it was him who arranged it in the first place, not me!". You look to the side when you feel Harry flop onto the settee beside you, and you smile over at him sympathetically, "Sorry for moaning,". He waves his hands, "No problem," then watches you for a moment, "How about we do something? I could take you out for dinner...". Your eyes narrow as you try to take that in - there was something about his tone that suggested more than two friends hanging out - "I'm not sure that would be the best idea... Louis and I -". Harry's expression hardens somewhat as he replies, "Louis has gone out, and abandoned you here with nothing to do," you stare at him taken aback, but he smiles back at you, rolling his eyes, "Ok, so maybe that was a bit of an exaggeration, but still. You came over here intending to go out, and i'm suggesting you still do that, but with me instead,". You rock your head from side to side with a smirk on your face as you weigh up your options - you could go home and do nothing with your evening, or you could out and have fun with Harry, but make sure to put your foot down on the off chance he might try anything more than friendly (that was unlikely though, Louis was his best friend after all), "Alright then,". He jumps up to his feet, a giant grin spreading across his face, "Let me just go get changed then - i'll show you a good time,".
  • Harry: "But Harry, this is the third time we've rearranged this," you moan down the phone, "I'm there now, i'm at the studio, where you're supposed to be!". You hear him sigh down the line, "I know babe, but works work, I can't just say no can I?". You're scowling, both hurt and annoyed that your plans had been wrecked once more by some ridiculous change of plan, "There's always an excuse isn't there?". "Don't be like that babe," Harry starts, but you're not in the mood for an explanation - you'd been having a really rough time recently and you'd been looking forward to spending sometime with your boyfriend. "It doesn't matter Harry, i'll see you when you get home," you reply half-heartedly, and before he has the chance to say anything back, you hang up. You lean against the brick wall, closing your eyes and taking a deep breath of the cool night air. "You been stood up too then?" someone chuckles nearby, and you open your eyes to find Zayn walking over to you, then matching your position leaning against the wall. You scoff, "You could say that," you look ahead once more, before your head flicks back around to stare at your friend, "How come you're out here and Harry has to stay behind?". "We got all our vocals done, Harry didn't - he's got to redo some of them," Zayn explains, "I wish I still had to do some vocals still - Perrie's just cancelled on me, not very well bless her,". "Aw, hope she gets better," you smile sadly back at him, and he nods, agreeing. "How about we go out and get a drink together?" he looks at you with a raised eyebrow, pushing himself away from the bar, "Better than both of us going home and moping about on our owns,". You grin, nodding eagerly, and as Zayn hails down a taxi, you quickly pull out your phone and text an apology to Harry for being grumpy earlier, and where to find you and Zayn if he happened to get out earlier than expected.
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