1D PREF #174; He admits he cheated on you (part 2)...

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  • Zayn: "It's not as bad as it looks in that video," he tries to insist, his eyes desperate as he takes slow, uncertain steps towards you, "We never - I didn't sleep with her. We kissed, and that’s it, I swear that’s it!". You scoff loudly, throwing your arms up in the air in mock exasperation, "Oh! It was just kissing, no big deal - because that’s exactly what you take girls back to your hotel room to do isn't it?" you glare at him. He brings his hands up to his face, then rakes his fingers through his hair, "I didn't - I never expected that to be filmed, I never thought -". "What?" you interrupt, staring at him aghast, "You're blaming the fact it got filmed instead of the fact you cheated in the first place? You are actually kidding me?". Zayn carries on with his excuses, but you're no longer listening, too caught up with all the thoughts flying around your head, trying to make sense of the situation, trying to figure out what to do. You come to a decision - self-preservation - and take a deep breath before speaking over him, "I don't care, it doesn't matter anymore,". Zayn looks surprised as he chokes back, "What?". "You can go shag whoever you want from now on, I don't care. This is over," you explain matter of factly, moving to towards the door to leave, but this time Zayn runs in front of you, blocking your way. "But I love you, i'm sorry. It was a massive mistake, i'll never again ever..." he mumbles, and you notice his hands shaking slightly as he does so, and you repress the sympathy that shoots through your veins. You shake your head, "None of that matters now Zayn, I can't be in a relationship with you anymore,". He hastily grabs your hand, holding it tightly, and his voice shakes, "But I can make it up to you - won't you ever forgive me?". You shrug, looking into his scared eyes with concern, "Maybe in time I could forgive you for this," he lets out a breath of relief, but you ignore it and carry on, "But what about all the other times those rumours looked like they could be true? You said it yourself you never expected to be caught," you shake your head, "Maybe i've just been the gullible one all along, and i'm not putting myself through that anymore,".
  • Liam: The following day, around dinner time you receive a text off Liam, 'Can I come home yet? L xx'. You sat at the breakfast bar, staring down at the text for a long while, and then out the window at the cloudy sky, thoughts whirring through your mind. Last night after he'd left, you'd cried a lot, got all that emotion out of you. But even after all that, even though the hurt you were feeling, you still found yourself lying in bed cuddling one of Liam's pyjama tops, the smell of him comforting you enough to finally fall asleep. You sigh as you look back down at the phone in your hands before typing out a reply, 'Not today please, sorry. x'. You weren't surprised when he replied quickly, 'Take as long as you need. I'm sorry - I love you. L xx'. You throw your head back at that and groan, because you just didn't know what to do. You loved him too, but you were in pain, as well as complete disbelief that he'd actually kissed someone else. But then, you think as you curl up onto the settee, he'd been so upset when he'd told you, like he truly regretted it, and it just wasn't Liam to do something like that - you remember how annoyed he got at one of his school friends when he confessed he'd cheated on his girlfriend. You pull your phone out again, having made a decision, and send Liam another text, 'Actually, you can come back today x'. For the next half hour your attention flickers between the TV and your mobile resting beside you - he'd never text you back, and that was strange given the circumstances - but instead you leap to your feet in shock at the sound of a knock on the door. You walk over to answer it slowly, feeling your heartbeat getting faster the closer you approached. You open the door awkwardly, finding Liam smiling awkwardly at you. "You have a key..." you trail off, raising an eyebrow at him. He shrugs, "I wanted to give you the chance to turn me away,". You nod, taking a step back so there's room for him to step into the apartment, the two of yours home. You stay leant against the door as you close it, and Liam looks up at you, eyes filled with concern and worry, "How are you?". "I," you start, but then shake your head, "Just never ever do that again ok? I won't be able to forgive you a second time,". He takes long strides towards you, holding your face delicately in his hands and he shakes his head, "Never, ever again,".
  • Harry: He catches up with you as you step out onto the pavement, having had to take the stairs after not quite reaching the lift you had gotten in. "(Y/N)!" he calls, grabbing your wrist, but you pull yourself from him easily, continuing with your swift walk. "Where are you going?" he asks desperately, his voice practically begging as he takes long strides in order to keep up with your pace. "Away from you," you answer plainly, staring straight ahead, because truthfully you had no idea where you were going, but the exercise was helping you burn off some steam, "Leave me alone,". "I'm not going to let you just wander off in the middle of the night on your own," you can hear the frown in his face, and for once, you roll your eyes at his gentlemanly-ness. "Don't you have some model to get yourself back to," you add bitterly, throwing a cold stare in his direction. "She was paid to kiss me! It was nothing!" his voice sounds further away than you expected, and you stop to turn around, finding him stood several steps away, staring at you wide eyed. "So why didn't you talk to me about it, if it was nothing? Why let me find out through pictures in a magazine?" you throw back at him, hands on your hips, waiting for some kind of explanation. He sighs, shoulders drooping, "Because I knew you wouldn't be happy about it,". "Damn right I wouldn't be!" you shout back, staring at him in disbelief as he points out the obvious, "Your career is important Harry, I get that. I accept that, as hard as it is, you have to travel a lot, you're away a lot and I don't get to spend half as much time with you as i'd like to. But I know it's your dream, and i'm so happy for you, so proud of you, that it's ok, and I deal with it," you shake your head. He takes a step forward, "So can you understand why they wanted me to do it? Why I had to?". You shake your head again, your volume quieter this time, no longer shouting, "You didn't have to do anything - that had no benefit whatsoever to your career, and all it managed to do is ruin this," you gesture to the space between the two of you, before turning on your heel and continuing walking.
  • Niall: You wake up with the side of your face pressed against cool tile. You sit up, rubbing your eyes as you look around at the bathroom from your position on the floor, somewhat confused - and then the events of last night come back to you. It's dark, so it must be sometime early in the morning. You press your ear gently to the door, listening out for any sound of movement, any give away signs that Niall was still waiting for you to come out on the other side of the door - there was no way you could face him after that. When you're sure you can hear nothing, you open the door just a crack, and peek out. Niall is laid on the floor in front of the door, his chest rising and falling slowly, and as you slowly open the door further, you realise he's sleeping. Your gaze drops to his face, his cheeks pink and damp, the rims of his eyes looking sore - you're pretty sure you probably looked in a similar state. You step over his sleeping form and make your way towards the front door, squeezing your eyes tightly shut as you closed the door behind you, praying that the sound of the click wouldn't wake him. At your parents’ house you remained in your old bedroom, locking yourself away from everyone and everything - you told your parents that you and Niall had split up, though you'd not gone into the details, you wouldn't put it past your dad to go after him. That evening there's a knock on your bedroom door, and before you can moan back a 'Go away', Liam sticks his head around the doorway and smiles at you sadly. You sit up suddenly in your bed, staring at him wide-eyed as he walks into the room, his hands open in surrender as he assures you, "I'm alone,". You let out a breath you didn't know you were holding in relief. "It was hard to convince him to not come though, he was scared you'd gone missing or something," Liam goes on, eyeing you carefully as he takes a seat at your old desk. You sigh, leaning back into our pillows, "Do you know?". He nods slowly, "Niall came round at six this morning, woke me up the bugger," he shakes his head, smiling slightly, "He explained everything. It's not good, and he knows i'm not exactly happy with him, but I can honestly say i've never seen him regret something as much,". You hide your face behind your hands, "I don't know what to do, I just, I can't believe he did that," you sigh, feeling your eyes becoming teary, "It hurts,". "I know," Liam nods slowly, "And i'm not going to tell you what to do, because it's between the two of you - i'm here to check you're ok, and so I can reassure Niall that you are in fact alive, that you didn't flush yourself down the toilet or something," he rolls his eyes, but then looks back at you seriously, "It's not good what he did (Y/N), but he did tell you, and not a lot of people would ever confess to a mistake like that, so just... Keep that in mind,".
  • Louis: You spend the next week avoiding his calls and texts, slamming the door in his face whenever he turned up at your parents’ house, because you didn't want him anywhere near you as you felt yourself collapsing under the pain this new discovery was causing you. It was your mother who eventually convinced you that you and Louis had to talk things out, whichever way things might end up, but you suspect it might have been because she was getting worn out by your constant mood swings, but she was right, so really you couldn't blame her. So you found yourself sat awkwardly on the edge of the settee in Louis apartment - the apartment the two of you had shared for over a year. Neither of you really knew where to start, so you just mumbled, trying to break the silence, "Sorry I broke your mug, I know that was your favourite one,". He leans forward slightly in the armchair, shaking his head, "Don't worry about it, it's not like we don't have plenty more mugs...". Your gaze drifts to the wall where the mug made impact with, taking in the stains the tea had left on the cream paint, "And sorry about the stains on the wall...". "Nothing a lick of paint can't fix," Louis jumps in immediately, trying to sound light hearted, before adding more quietly, "Can we fix this?". Your head droops to one side as you look over at him, meeting his gaze, "I... I don't know Louis. I'm still angry, and i'm still hurt, and I think i'm going to be for a long time,". He gets up from the seat, instead, kneeling down in front of you, reaching out and taking hold of one of your hands gently, "I am so sorry (Y/N). I don't know why it happened, it never should have. It would never happen again I promise," his voice is sincere, and you notice his eyes starting to glisten slightly, "I love you,". You shake your head slowly, trying to think logically, rather than just giving into him while he's in this state, "Not now, I can't do this. I'm not saying never, but I... I just think I need to be away from all this for a while,".
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