1D PREF #173; He admits he cheated on you (part 1)...

  • Zayn: "Zayn," you wave your hand at him, calling him over from the kitchen, "Can I talk to you for a second?". He rushes over, jumping onto the settee beside you, his arms tangling around your waist and pulling you close, "Sure baby, what’s up?". Your hand automatically goes up to stroke his hair, " So you know I trust you right? That I know the rumours are just rumours," you point to the laptop screen sat on the coffee table in front of you, "But that video is something... I just need you to reassure me here,". You feel him stiffen beside you, his arms noticeably tensing around you, and it makes your stomach drop. "Zayn, did you..." you trail off, pulling out of his grasp and sitting on the edge of the settee, looking back at him. He looks over at you guiltily, leaning forward, "I am so sorry babe! It was a stupid mistake, I don't know why it happened,". He reaches out for you but you push him away, your hands shaking, "I... I... I don't even - I can't even look at you," you mutter quietly, getting up and moving towards the bedroom. He catches your wrist stopping you in your tracks, "(Y/N) babe, i'm so sorry. Please, we need to talk about this!" he begs. You rip your arm harshly from his grip, glaring at him through tear-filled eyes, "How could you?".
  • Liam: You and Liam were cuddled up on the settee watching one of your favourite TV dramas. Liam had been fidgeting for a while now beside you, when he suddenly burst out with, "Why is she getting so upset? He only kissed that girl, that isn't cheating - it's not like they slept together!". Your roll your head to look at your boyfriend, responding simply, "Kissing is cheating still," before turning your attention back to the TV. Liam sighs heavily beside you, holding out his hands in exasperation, "But it wasn't his fault! They were both drunk, it didn't mean anything,". "Drunk or not, they should have had more thought about it," you frown over at him - it wasn't usual for Liam to take a personal interest into the characters on TV shows, that was usually you - "What are you getting at?". He looks over at you sadly, and you tense somewhat, "I kissed someone. We were both drunk and she came onto me. It literally lasted a second before I pushed her away,". You sit up properly on the edge of the settee, putting some distance between yourself and Liam. "Love?" Liam begs, his voice cracking and you can tell he's crying, "I am so sorry, I can't tell you how sorry I am. Please forgive me?". You cough, clearing your throat and gaining some of your senses back, "I ah, I think it'd be best if you stopped at Nialls... For tonight at least,". You feel the seat beside you lift as Liam gets to his feet solemnly, gathering a few things into a small bag, while you remain frozen in place. Before he leaves, he moves over to you again, gently pressing a kiss to your forehead and mumbling, "I am so sorry. I love you,".
  • Harry: You hold up the magazine cover for Harry to see, and you watch him carefully, see how his eyes widen, as you demand, "Tell me it’s photoshopped,". It was a picture of Harry kissing some gorgeous, skinny model, and when he doesn't answer, your voice cracks when you speak again, "Please?". His head drops, his chin meeting his chest as he runs his fingers stressfully through his hair, "I can't,". Your grasp on the magazine loosens, and it drops to the floor with a deafening slap, "its... real? You cheated on me?". Your hands start to shake, and he quickly rushes over to you, holding them both in his as he tries to soothe you, "Shh, I'm so sorry (Y/N). It was stupid and it didn't mean anything. Management thought -". You pull your hands out of his and stare at him wide-eyed, "Your bosses told you to do this?" he nods slowly, "And you did it? Would you jump off a cliff if they told you to?". "(Y/N), I didn't have a -" he starts, but you cut him off, pointing your finger wildly at his face. You shout over him, "Don't you dare say you didn't have a choice! Because you did, and you made the wrong one!" your voice cracks as the tears start to flow, and you turn quickly to run out of the apartment.
  • Niall: "Please (Y/N), stop messing," Niall looks at you desperately, "I need to tell you something,". You stop messing around and turn to face him, giving him your full attention. "There was one night, while we were on tour," he swallows nervously, "And I ended up really drunk, and there was this girl and - shit (Y/N)! I slept with her and i'm so sorry. It's the biggest mistake of my life and it's just been eating me up - i've never regretted anything more,". It's as if you've lost your ability to speak - your insides were hurting, actually hurting, and all you can do is cry. He reaches out to wrap his arms around you, to comfort you, but you flinch away violently from his touch. When you look at him then, you see he has tears in his eyes too, "I'm so sorry (Y/N). It's been eating me up... I had to tell you, because I love you so much and you needed to know the truth, you deserve the truth, not me lying to -". You can't take it anymore, you don't want to hear anymore. You get up and run with speed you didn't know you had, into the bathroom, locking the door behind you. Niall follows, banging on the door, shouting his apologies, begging you to come out, while you slide down the other side of the door, curling in on yourself as you continue to just cry.
  • Louis: "It's true?" you look over at your boyfriend stunned, and he nods solemnly, "Cheating... are we talking just a kiss or...?". His silence is all the answer you need, "You slept with her!". Louis jumps to his feet, as do you, "I am so so sorry, it was a mistake. Biggest mistake of my life,". Your insides are in knots as you pick up the mug resting on the coffee table, his favourite mug, and throwing it impulsively against the wall. You both flinch at the smash, your eyes following the tea stains as it drips down the wall. Looking back at Louis, your face turns sour once more, "Well I hope she was a good shag," you mutter darkly, "I hope she was worth it,". You turn to leave but he grabs your arm, "Please don't leave like this, we need to talk, when you're not angry!". "No!" you shout, your insides battling to prevent any tears from falling, "Because it's a damn sight easier to be angry than to deal with how heartbroken I feel right now!".
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