1D PREF #155; You find out he cheated on his ex-girlfriend...

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  • Harry: You eagerly open the link to a news article a fan had tweeted you saying you should read it. You read the title: 'Harry Styles: Womaniser, Cougar-hunter and... Cheat?'. You quickly scan through the rest of the article, chuckling every now and then at the sheer absurdity of it all. Harry wanders into the bedroom, and he smirks at you, his brows knitting together slightly, "Whats tickling you?". "Oh, just this new story about you," you roll your eyes, handing him your IPhone so he can read for himself, "Not only are you a womaniser and a cougar-hunter, you're a cheat now too. What will you be tomorrow? An alien?". To your surprise, he doesn't join in with your laughter, instead you watch him as he reads the article in absolute concentration. "Whats up with?" you tease, nudging his leg with your two, "You have to laugh about it, there's no point taking all these silly stories seriously,". He looks up at you, and your shocked to find desperation in his eyes and he mumbles, "This ones true,". Your eyes widen, "Oh,". He leaps forward so that he's knelt in front of you on the bed, his hands resting on your knees, "But please don't let that change your opinion of me. It was once, and it was wrong, and it will never ever happen again - especially not with you, I love you so much, I don't want anyone else,". You nod slowly, still trying to digest the confession, "Ok, I'm just... Surprised, is all,".
  • Zayn: You frown as you stare at your laptop screen, displaying a message from Kelly, Zayn's ex-girlfriend. "Whats wrong babe?" Zayn asks, looking over at you with concern from the arm chair opposite. "Kelly just DMed me," you frown, completely confused. "What's she said?" his eyes narrow. "That I should be careful because you're not as trustworthy as you say you are..." you shake your head, "What is she going on about?". Zayn just rolls his eyes before turning his attention back to the TV, "Just ignore her, she'll just be trying to stir things,". You nod, turning back to your laptop and staring at the screen for a few moments before deciding to type out a reply, 'What do you mean?'. She replies in less than a minute, and you read anxiously, 'He's not told you about why I broke up with him? I found out he'd cheated on me - the idiot probably told you he ended it.'. You frown slightly, before looking over at your boyfriend and try to sound casual as you ask, "How come you and Kelly ended anyway? I don't think you ever mentioned...". He shrugs, still not giving you his full attention as he responds, "We just fell apart," he turns to you and grins, "I'm glad though, because otherwise I wouldn't have found you,". You don't smile back though, as you question him further, "So it's not that she found out you cheated on her?". The smile drops from his face, and he looks down in his lap, "Ok. I'm not proud of it at all, but yes," he looks up at you desperately, "But you have to believe that I would never do that to you, ever,".
  • Niall: You drop the gossip magazine on the table in front of Niall, and he just looks up at you with a smile. You nod towards the magazine, and mutter "Page 9," as you walk away to take off your coat, and as you do you hear the flickering of pages. You'd spotted the magazine by chance as you were browsing for something to read, and you were shocked by what you'd read. Niall's ex-girlfriend, Carmen, had sold a story to the magazine claiming the heartbreak Niall had caused her by cheating on her several times. You knew it could all be a lie - you hoped it was, surely Niall wasn't capable of that? You turn back around just in time to catch Niall throwing the magazine across the room. "They're missing half the story," he almost shouts, resting his head on his hands. "So it's true then?" you mutter from across the room, your breath catching. He stands up an moves to your side, rubbing your arms gently as he begins to explain, "Yes, but just the once, not all the times she said in that,". You meet his gave, but your face is expressionless, "Once is enough,". He shakes his head, "I know, but it wasn't like that, I promise," he rubs his forehead, trying to calm himself, "I caught her cheating on me, and instead of doing the right thing and just ending it then and there, I was an idiot and thought getting back at her would be a better option. So I cheated on her. But then I realised that it hadn't helped anything so I ended it,". You tilt your head to the side - you had to admit, it did sound like something Niall would do, the thoughtlessness, the brash actions. "I promise thats the truth," he whispers, and he lets out a sigh of relief when you nod. You poke his chest playfully, but add seriously, "But don't bother doing that one to me,". He wraps his arms around you tightly and you melt into his chest as he mutters against your hair, "Never. Never ever,".
  • Louis: "Why does Beth hate me so much?" you sigh, looking at her twitter feed. There were a countless number of nasty tweets aimed at you - you'd have thought she'd understood what it was like to be in this position. "Just ignore her, she isn't worth it," Louis replies simply, "Nor is anyone else that sends you those horrible messages - just don't read them,". You scroll down, your eyes scanning a few more, "I don't think she's over you, I think thats why,". You hear Louis scoff, "Not at all, she made that very clear when we ended it,". Your eyes narrow as you look over at your boyfriend, "What do you mean?" you knew exactly when he was holding something back. He sighs, turning on the settee so that he was facing you, face serious, "I cheated on her (Y/N),". "What?" you push your laptop off your knee, and stand up, staring down at him in shock. He holds his hands out in surrender, "Don't freak out,". "How am I meant to know you haven't been cheating on me?" you whisper, voice breaking. His face turns downwards as he sighs again, "I would never do that, ever to you,". "Why'd you do it?" you mutter, taking a seat beside him once more. He looks up at you, tilting his head to the side slightly, "You," he says simply, and you frown, so he goes on, "That first night we met and we kissed, I was still with Beth. I ended it with her the next day, told her the whole truth, and understandably she hated me for it,". He pauses for a moment, reaching up to tuck a piece of hair behind your ear, "Thats how I got the black eye that you saw the next time we met," he chuckles slightly, shaking his head, "I don't regret it though. If i'd have really wanted to be with Beth, I wouldn't have looked at you for a second, but when you're soul mates... You can't help it,". Despite yourself you smile slightly, leaning into him when he offers you the space under his arm, sighing, "Well I guess thats why she hates me then...".
  • Liam: "You ok babe?" Liam calls out as you slam the door of the apartment. You flop down onto the settee, bringing your hands up to rub your eyes out of stress, "Ugh, its been a long day,". "Hey, come here," Liam grins opening his arms, and you shuffle up the settee til your head is resting on his chest, and his arms are wrapped tight around you, "What happened?". "Hayley," you sigh at the mention of your best friends name, "She's all over the place. Her boyfriend cheated on her, so she's all over the place. But she still wants him back. She's an idiot,". "Why is she an idiot, surely thats him?" Liam asks, and you look up to find his brows furrowed. "She's an idiot for wanting him back - how on earth is she meant to trust him not to do it again after that," you sit up, heading into the bedroom to change, "Once a cheat, always a cheat,". "Not always," Liam shouts after you, and you poke your head back through the doorway to look at him. "Don't say you're defending the jerk,". He shakes his head, "I'm not saying what he did was right at all, it wasn't. But i'm just saying, just because someone cheated once doesn't mean they don't truly regret it, that they wish they never had, and that they would never ever do it again,". Your eyes narrow, as you take a step back into the living room, "This someone sounds awfully personal...". You watch as he leans forward on the settee, head in his hands as he confesses, "I cheated on Heidi, thats why we split up," he blurts out, then looks up at you desperately, "But you have to believe I would never ever do that to you, ever,". You're silent, completely in shock at Liams confession, but eventually you mutter, "Why did you do it?". He gets to his feet, shaking his head, "We were coming to an end anyway, we weren't working anymore, just constantly fighting. And I was drunk. But none of that justifies what I did,". He moves over to you, taking your hands tentatively, and he whispers, "I love you,". You let out a deep breath, squeezing his hands, "I love you too,".
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