1D PREF #149; He gives you the silent treatment (part 2)...

  • Note: A part 2 was requested by a few of you so...
  • Louis: You sigh, looking over a Louis longingly for a few more moments, still not gaining a response. You turn on your heel and head into the bedroom, changing out of your clothes and into your comfies before returning into the living room with a notebook in hand. You sit on the opposite end of the settee to Louis, your back to the chair arm, resting the notebook on your raised knees as you write, 'I'm sorry x'. You pull the sheet of paper off the binder, rolling it into a ball and throwing it over to your boyfriend, repressing a giggle when it hits the side of his face. He frowns at you for a moment before his hand reaches out for the note, to which he nods slowly. You quickly scrawl a second note, 'Forgive me? x' and repeating your actions as before. You watch as Louis raises his eyebrows dubiously. You take your time writing the next one, making sure your handwriting is neat and readable, 'I love you x'. A laugh escapes his lips as he reads that one, and he turns to grin at you, opening his arms to welcome you in, kissing the top of your head as he mumbles, "I love you too babe,".
  • Liam: "It was alright," Liam replies simply when you ask how his day had gone over the table. You nod, turning your attention back to the food on your plate, swirling your fork around in the spaghetti. Honestly, you thought to yourself, you'd rather him be ignoring you completely, rather than these little remarks from him - the fact he didn't want to share all the little details of his day like he usually would really upset you. You jump slightly as Liam sighs loudly, putting down his cutelry and leaning back in is chair, raising his hands so they're round the back of his head. "Is it ok?" you ask quietly, not able to keep eye contact for much longer than a few seconds, "Did I go a bit overboard with the garlic or something...". "I'm sorry," he cuts you off, and you look up at him in surprise. "Sorry? What for?" you shake your head, "It should be me whose apologising,". He smiles weakly, shaking his head slightly as he reaches across the table to take your hand, "I'm sorry. I hate not talking to you,". You tilt your head to the side, a grin spreading across your face, "Well talk to me then, silly,".
  • Zayn: You wipe your cheeks with the back of your hands, shaking your head roughly in order to regain some control over your senses. Your gaze falls on the clock on the mantelpiece, which told you it was 11.20pm - where would Zayn go at this time? Your eyes widen as you realise where you'd be able to find him, and you quickly pull on your boots and a coat. You pause with your hand on the door handle, eyeing Zayn's coat for a second before grabbing it, and taking it with you. He was there, like you knew he would, in the park where the two of you used to go on midnight strolls when you'd first started dating (it had been difficult to do anything with all the paparazzi attention). You walk up behind him quietly, reaching out gently to touch his arm, offering him his coat with your other hand, "It's cold,". He looks down at you for a moment and smiles slightly, and you can see the gratefulness in his eyes as he pulls on the coat, his arm resting around you once he'd zipped it up. "I miss this," he mumbles, pressing his lips gently to the top of your head. You wrap your arms tightly around his waist, snuggling yourself closer to him as you sigh, "Me too,". He reaches out and tilts your chin up so you're looking at him properly, "We can forget about all that earlier yeah? Because this is us, this is what I want,". You nod, smiling as you lean up to press your lips together gently.
  • Niall: You take a deep breath in an attempt to control the wave of emotions that were threatening to drown you as you got into bed, mirroring his position, facing the wall nearest you. You try hard not to let your body shake as a few tears fall. You groan as movement beside you wakes you from your slumber - it felt as if you'd only just managed to fall asleep and now you were woken up? You feel Niall's hand rest on your waist and you tense, barely catching the whispered, "Babe, are you ok?". You roll over, awkwardly as to not let the duvet drop off you, and you find Niall looking sadly over at you. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have been so harsh," he starts, "You're ill, and you can't help that,". You nod slightly, adding quickly "Niall, you know I would have been there if I had been in a fit state to be...". He cuts you off, pressing a finger gently to your lips, and he nods, "I know you would have," he opens his arms wide, "Come here,". You frown, shaking your head, "No, you'll catch my lurge, and then you'll get into trouble at work and -". You stop as his laugh cuts you off, and you can't help but smile at the sound. "Well I don't care," he grins, wrapping his arms around your waist and pulling you over to him, "Because right now I just want to fall asleep cuddling my girlfriend, whether she has the lurge or not,".
  • Harry: You'd tried calling his phone, only to find it ringing on the kitchen counter - he'd obviously forgotten about it there when he'd been cooking the meal for the two of you. You found yourself circling the living room, running your hands through your hair nervously as you panic over where he could have gone, or what might happen to him - it's not like he could really just walk down the street, not without getting mobbed by fans. You jump as the house phone rings, rushing over to it to pick it up, "Harry?". "No," you hear Louis' voice on the other end of the line, "And as much as I love him could you come and pick him up? He's eating everything out of my fridge, and I need to survive on something other than rice for the rest of the week,". Despite yourself you find yourself laughing, more out of relief than anything else, "I'll be right over, see you in a bit,". You jump into the car quickly, stopping only at the newsagents on the way - you'd had an idea. You let yourself in at Louis' - you all had a key - and he gestures towards the back door, rolling his eyes as he does so. You open the sliding doors, stepping out onto the porch and gasping when the cold air hits you - you wish you'd brought a coat. You watch the back of Harry's figure sat on the garden wall, and you call out to him, "I brought jelly tots,". He turns his head to look at you over his shoulder and you notice him roll his eyes. You take that as a good sign, and even more so when you sit beside him and he throws the blanket he had over his shoulders around your's too. You open the packet and offer him one, to which he gladly accepts. "You know," he mumbles eventually, "I never expected us to be spending our first anniversary eating jelly tots on Louis' back garden,". You laugh, "Neither did I,". He shakes his head somewhat, leaning over to kiss your forehead, "It's not all bad,".
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