1D PREF #115; You get hurt by a fan...

  • Louis: "Jesus (Y/N)!" Louis' words greet you as you walk into your apartment. He rushes to your side and you wince as he gently touches your forehead. "What on earth happened? You look like a coconut hit your head!". He watches you worriedly. You move in front of the mirror and groan - you did have a lump forming on your forehead and it ached. "More like a carrot," you sigh, taking the bag of frozen peas Louis offers you and hold it to your head, "I bumped into some fans and they got a little... Over enthusiastic," you shrug. Louis looks at you in disbelief, "They threw a carrot at you?" you nod slowly, "That joke had gone too far - what if it had hit you in the eye?". After making sure you're comfortable and with a cup of tea, he takes to twitter to voice his disappointment. 'To the 'fan' who threw a carrot at my girlfriend today, she now has a huge lump and bruise on her forehead. It narrowly missed her eyes. This is not at all funny anymore, and i'm not impressed.'.
  • Harry: "Well," you sigh, flopping onto the hotel bed, "That was hectic,". Harry Laughs weakly as he pulls off his top, but freezes when he looks over at you, "Shit (Y/N), your arms bleeding!". You look down at your arm and sure enough your upper arm was covered in pink scratch marks, one or two of them having broken the skin. "Come on," he takes your hand and sits you on the closed toilet seat, "Need to make sure they're clean,". You smile down at him as he uses a wet flannel to clean the shallow wounds, his face concentrating, being extra careful making sure not to hurt you. "Why are you so good at this?" you gently push some of his hair out of his face. "It happens sometimes, i'm used to it," he shrugs, leaning forward to gently kiss the wounds, "I don't want it to happen to you though,".
  • Zayn: "Ow!" you wince as someone holds tight onto your hair. Whoever it was let go as soon as Zayn turned around. "Whoever just did that, it is not on," he glares, wrapping a protective arm around your waist as you rub your head uncomfortably, "And whoever it was has ruined it for everyone else now, because we're going,". The twelve or so fans gathered around the two of you groan, and you look up at your boyfriend sadly, "Zayn, thats not really fair,". He shakes his head and looks around at the small crowd, "I am really sorry you guys - I know all but one of you are so lovely, but i'm not standing my girlfriend being hurt,".
  • Liam: "Honestly babe, stop fussing," you smile, stroking Liam's cheek. "But it's my fault," he shakes his head, "If i'd have known you'd get hurt, I would have never let you come with me,". You roll your eyes. You'd come along to a private meet and greet session with the boys, and in all the excitement, one fan had accidently kicked you in the shin in her rush to get close to them. It had left a good bruise. "Really Liam, I have a brother," you laugh lightly, "I've had worse bruises from fighting with him!". He smiles, it finally reaching his eyes, and he kisses your cheek, "I'm sorry babe,".
  • Niall: "I am so so sorry," you apoligise, "I feel so bad,". The fan just grins back though, shaking her head. Earlier when you'd been making your way through the crowds with the boys, one fan had really roughly pushed you, making you fall into (and essentially headbutt) another fan. You'd ended up with a massive bump on your head that you were currently nursing with an ice pack, but the fan had needed three stitches. "Look at you (Y/N)," Niall teases, "Turning into a right rebel aren't you?". You frown at him and he wraps his arms around your waist, "I know babe, I'm only joking," he whispers in your ear, "I know you wouldn't hurt a fly,".
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