1D PREF #90; He gets jealous of your ex...

  • Louis: "Your parents don't like me do they?" Louis announces as the two of you climb into the back of the taxi. "What?" you scoff, taken aback, "Of course they like you, don't be daft,". You reach out towards his hand, but he pulls it away. "Well," he frowns out the window, "They prefer Charlie over me,". You sigh, so thats what brought all this on. You could've kicked your mum when she'd brought your ex up. "It's not that, they do like you, honest," you plead, and you can see him looking at you out of the corner of his eye, "It's just they knew Charlie more than they know you... he lived literally three doors down," You forcefully place your hand under his chin, making him look at you, "You are so much better than him Louis, he used to treat me like crap," his expression softens, "I love you Louis, and the more my parents get to know you, they'll realise how amazing you are too,". He reaches out and holds your hand, "Sorry," he mumbles, "I guess i'm just jealous... Your mum made out as if Charlie was god's gift or something,". You shake your head, "He was anything but,". "How about we come around again next week? Try to make a regular thing of it?" he suggests, "As regular as my schedule allows,". You smile brightly, "I honestly know my mum would love that,".
  • Niall: "So how was he?" Niall asks, pecking your cheek as you get home. You'd just got back from the hospital - your ex Ryan had been in a car crash. "He's fine, everyones fine," you smile, yawning, "Just a couple of stitches,". Niall scowls, "I thought he was dying or something... Why did he want to see you?". You shrug, "So did I, but it just turns out he wanted to speak to me face to face. Circumstances brought him to the hospital near us," you flop onto the settee. "What did he want?" Niall persists and you sigh. "We had a bad break up, you know that," Niall nods, still frowning, "He wanted to talk, to apoligise to me. Let me know how happy he is for me, how he's moved on...". "Have you moved on though?" Niall interjects. You stare at your boyfriend as if he's grown three heads, "How do you even need to ask that?". He shrugs, starting to pace, "You left pretty quickly when you heard he was in hospital...". You laugh, "I've known for three days, i'd hardly call that quick. I had an idea what he wanted to talk about, that he's got a new girlfriend - saw it on facebook,". Niall looks at you pointedly. "We wanted to end things on good terms Niall, i'm happy for him. I'm happy with you... More than happy actually,". You stand up and move a bit of hair out his eyes, "You know if I heard you were in hospital, i'd run all across London to get there if I had to,". He smiles, leaning down to kiss you, "I'm sorry babe,".
  • Zayn: "Ok, i've just got a text from a random," you laugh, quickly typing a reply asking who it was. Just as you hit send, Zayn snatches the phone out of your hand, "Do you still talk to Tony?". You stare at him dumbly, "Occasionally," you answer truthfully, "Just seeing that we're both good anf stuff,". Zayn's face instantly turns to thunder as he stomps off into the bedroom. You sigh, watching him from the doorway, "Why do you ask if you know the answer will bother you?". "People don't keep in touch with their exes, it's weird," he snaps, "And... i'm scared you're going to run off with him,". You lie down next to him, resting your head on his chest, "He was my best friend before we dated... We don't talk much, but it's nice to know there's still a friendship there," you use your finger to draw shapes on his stomach, "And as for running off with him," you lean up on your elbows so you can see his face, "There's more chance of an ostrich walking in here right now, wearing my favourite shoes,". A smirk spreads across Zayn's face and you lean down to kiss him, "What made you bring him up anyway?". He holds out your phone, smiling sheepishly, "That text was probably Tony," you raise an eyebrow, "I kind of, maybe, might have accidently on purpose deleted his number,".
  • Harry: You skip back across from the bathroom, cuddling next to Harry on the bed, humming appreciatively. "So," Harry starts idly drawing patterns on your bare back, "Have you heard anything recently of Noel?". Your bubble of bliss bursts at the mention of your ex, and you move to the edge of the bed, sliding back on your underwear and clothes which had been abandoned on the floor. "Why do you always do this Harry?" you sigh, throwing his boxers at hi sbare chest. Ok, so it wasn't every time, but it was often enough that it was an issue for you. "(Y/N)," he follows you into the living room, watching you from the doorway helplessly. "It really bothers you that you weren't my first doesn't it?" you look at him emotionlessly, and you watch as his eyes lower and he nods. "I wasn't your first," you point out, but he shrugs, as if thats not the point. You place you hand under his chin so his gaze meets your own, "It shouldn't matter... I'd never made love to anyone before you, and you're going to be my last too - I'm spending the rest of my life with you. That should be enough," you rest your head against his still bare chest. He kisses your head, "I'm sorry," he mumbles, "The same goes for you too... You were my first in that sense. You'll be my last too,". He holds your chin this time and kisses you gently, "I won't bring it up again, promise,".
  • Liam: "You're taking me to Paris?" you stare incredulously down at the tickets in your hands. "I thought it was an appropriate way to celebrate our anniversary," Liam siles as you throw your arms around his neck. "Oh I can't wait Liam!" you gush excitedly, "Paris is so beautiful!". "You've been before?" Liam asks curiously. "Yeah," you smile easily, "Phillipe took me when I was on my foreign exchange trip,". "Oh," Liams face falls, his body tenses. You feel instantly guilty for mentioning your ex boyfriend, especially because he'd taken you to 'the city of love' before Liam had. "But," you press your hands to Liam's chest, "It's going to be so much better with you. You know, I never got to go up the Eiffel Tower before. Could we do that maybe?". Liam smiles brightly, and that face makes your heart swell. "What? If you haven't been up the Eiffel tower you can't say you've been to Paris! That'll be top of out list of things to do!" he adds excitedly.
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