1D PREF #27; He gets jealous of you being close to another boy...

  • Louis: You laugh, looking at the pictures on your laptop screen. "What're you laughing at love?" Louis asks, jumping beside you on the settee. "These picture Andrew's emailed me from when we were younger," you turn to him smiling as he wraps an arm around your shoulders, "You remember And don't you? I told you about him?". "Yeah, I think so," he points at the picture on the screen, "What the hell are you wearing on that?". You nudge his side, "Hey, it was halloween! Me and Andy always used to dress up as matching things - that year we were meant to be salt and pepper. The year after, I think, we were tweedle-dee and tweedle-dum,". You flick to the next picture, "Aww, I remember that!" you smile at the picture of a younger you and Andy lying on your fronts watching the TV intently, "It was the third Harry Potter film. We saved our pocket money for weeks to get that dvd," you laugh. "I've got the full boxset upstairs if you want to watch it -", "God I remember that, Andy fell out of a tree and broke his arm,". You'd flicked to the next image, one of you signing Andy's green cast, "He wanted it pink for a joke, but his mum wouldn't let him," you shake your head, remembering. "You know, did I ever tell you about the time I broke my leg playing football?" Louis starts. You nod, looking at the strange expression on his face before shrugging and going onto the next picture. "Oh," you squeal, "The jacuzzi! We were always in that! When his mum and dad first got it, we thought it was the optimum of cool!" you turn to your side and find Louis frowning, "I have a jacuzzi..." he almost snarls. "What is up with you?" you tease, poking his side. "Oh nothing," he replies sarcastically, getting up and heading into the bedroom, then adding, "How's Andy though? I'm sure he's doing just great!". You push your laptop to one side and go lean on the bedroom doorway, looking in at Louis who was lying on the bed, arms crossed and facing the wall. "Your not jealous of him are you?" you smirk. "No...". "Oh my god you are aren't you?" you run and jump next to him on the bed, placing a hand on his leg, and slowly he turns over and smiles at you weakly, "Why?". "Because you have all those amazing memories with him and -" you cut him off by pressing your lips to his. "And I have tons of amazing memories with you too! And there's going to be many more because I plan to spend the rest of my life with you!" you give him another quick kiss before getting up and wlaking out of the room. You call after you, "How about we go make a memory in that jacuzzi of yours...?".
  • Harry: "Tell me about it," you speak into your mobile, "You need to come down soon!" you wave at Harry who has just come through the door. "I've got to go, Harry's just got in," you laugh, "Oh you wish! I'll call you tomorrow, bye!", you put down the phone and make your way into the kitchen after Harry. You find him emptying the content of two plastic bags and you sneak up behind him, wrapping your arms around his waist. "Hey babe," you whisper as he turns his head to give you a kiss, "Mm, good day?". "Yeah," he replies, "Got some really good stuff recorded today. We've started this new song," he turns his head to yours, which is resting on his shoulder and smiles, "You're going to love it,". "Mm, i'm sure I will,". "I got chinese for us too. Grab some plates out will you?". You reluctantly untangle yourself from his body and make your way to the other side of the kitchen. "So..." Harry starts as he begins plating up, "Who was that on the phone?". "Kyle," you reply simply, and immediately you hear him snort and his tone changes, "And what did he want?". "Hey," you poke his side, "I hope you're aware that's my best friend you're talking about in that tone," you joke. He turns to face you, nostrils flaring slightly, "Yes, and i'm also aware that he wants to get into my girlfriends knickers,". You begin to laugh, and wrap your arms around your boyfriend again, "Trust me, i've got more to worry about that you have,". "He's all over you all the time, especially the last time he was here. He's so touchy-feely with you," he pulls you tighter to him and growls, "And I don't like it, your mine,". "Harry," you smirk, "As much as I love you when you get all jealous and possessive like this, i'm sorry to say he fancies you a damn sight more than he does me. He's gay,". "Oh," is all he says, and his shocked expression makes you laugh as you reach up to give him a quick kiss. "I do like this Harry though," you wink and pinch his bum, "I might have to start making you jealous more often,".
  • Liam: "My mum loves you," you whisper to Liam who blushes instantly, "Though I can't imagine how anyone couldn't," you lean up and give him a quick kiss. You look around the backyard, your mum had thrown a bbq with family and friends since you were back home for a while. "Liam dear," your mum calls, "You couldn't be a darling and gives us a hand with the bbq could you?". Liam looks over his shoulder and smiles, "Of course Mrs (Y/L/N)," he gives you a peck on the cheek, "See you in a bit love,". As you stand watching your boyfriends retreating figure, you hear someone call your name. "TONY!" you scream, running at him for a hug and he picks you up and swings you around like he always used to, "I thought you were in Australia?". "Pfft," he scoffs, "Like i'd miss this. Up for a go at the Ultimate Games?" he winks. You laugh, "Hell yeah!". The 'Ultimate Games' was a made up game all the kids had made up when they were younger to stop them being bored at bbq's much like this one. It was like a series of mini games where you'd compete in your pairs, like a mini Olympics - and you and Tony were always partners. When Liam finally came back over you were jumping off Tony's back, having just won the piggyback race. "Yeah!" you both yell, "Team golden monkeys!" and onlookers laugh as they watch you and Tony perform your secret victory dance, ending with a hip bump. You stumble over to Liam still laughing, you wraps a possessive arm around your waist tightly. "Liam this is Tony. Tony, my boyfriend Liam," you introduce them. "Nice to meet you mate," Tony holds out a hand, smiling brightly. Your shocked when Liam doesn't take Tony's hand, and just nod firmly, watching as Tony awkwardly walks off to rejoin the rest of the group. Liam continues to watch Tony's back as he walks away, and you have to forcefully pull his head in order to get him to look at you. "Liam, he's my cousin, chill,". You instantly feel his grip on you loosen and he smiles down at you sheepishly, "Sorry,". You lean up for a quick kiss before shaking your head, "You shouldn't get jealous, you have nothing to worry about. I love you,". He smiles, "I love you so much (Y/N),".
  • Niall: "(Y/N)," you hear a familiar voice call, and you turn around surprised. "Niall, your like... super early," you mumble, shocked. Your childhood best friend George was in town, and you'd met for coffee to catch up. Niall had offered to pick you up at 4pm, but it was only 2.30pm. You watch him shrug, "Well I was out and was driving past so I thought I might as well come in instead of having to drive back out later,". You watch him in stunned silence - what was he doing? He'd known how much you had been looking forward to seeing George. "Oh... Well, Niall this is George. George this is Niall,". "So this is the infamous, or should I say famous, Niall I've heard all about," George laughs before putting on a mock serious expression, "You best be looking after my (Y/N) or you'll have to deal with me pal,". You laugh, but stop when you notice how serious Niall's face stays. "I know how to look after my girl, thanks pal," Niall states, completely monotonal. George looks at you out of the corner of his eye and you role your eyes - why on earth was Niall acting like a douche? Half an hour later, the two of you decide to call it a day, both feeling way too awkward to carry on with Niall's sour attitude there. The three of you walk outside and you and George hug and say your goodbyes, "We can't leave it this long again you know, we'll have to meet up soon," you tease, poking his shoulder as you pull away. "Definitely, i'll text you yeah? Nice meeting you Niall,". You watch as your best friend climbs into a car, "Hey Carlie!" you shout at the girl in the drivers seat who waves back, smiling widely. "Well you were rude," you glare at Niall once the other had driven off, but he just shrugs in reply, "That was my best friend,". He just shrugs again, "I didn't really like him,". You scoff, not believing what you're hearing, "You know the girl in the car yeah? Carlie? Yeah thats his girlfriend that he's been dating for four years - way before I even met you,". "Oh,", "Yes, oh,". "I'm sorry," he smiles weakly, pulling you by the hands closer to him. You sigh and wrap your arms around his waist, "It's a good job I love you isn't it, my stupidly jealous boyfriend,".
  • Zayn: You collapse onto the sofa next to your boyfriend Zayn, it'd bee a very long day. "Ugh, i'm so tired," you moan, "You done much today love?". "Nope," he says, popping his lips. "I'm sorry I had to cancel our plans today," you go to lean on his shoulder, but he stands up and walks into the bedroom, closing the door behind him. You sigh deeply, and get up to knock on the bedroom door, "Are you mad at me?", no answer, "I'm sorry you know, can I come in?". You hear a mumbled reply, and decide to take it as a yes, entering the room and perching yourself at the foot of the bed. "Today was the first day I've had completely off in months," he stated. "I know,". "And I planned it all for a day with you, and you cancel on me for Ryan," he snaps. Ok, he was mad. "I know, and I'm really sorry. But he really needed me," you try to explain. "Maybe I needed you too," he snaps back. "Hey," you almost shout, getting annoyed, "It's nothing like that, nothing like that at all, nothing to get jealous over. I promised I wouldn't say anything... And i'm here now aren't I?". "Whatever," he rolls over so he doesn't have to look at you. "His mums been diagnosed with terminal cancer, she hasn't got long left. He was in bits," you say bluntly, turning on your heels and heading towards the door. "What!" he blurts out, chasing after you, "I'm so sorry I got pissy," he begs, grabbing hold of your waist and spinning you around to face him, "I'm so sorry. I'm such a horrible person... You're too good for me,". "It's ok, you were upset,". He shakes his head, "No it's not ok. We'll both take him out tomorrow night yeah? Get him out, take his mind off everything?". You give him a kiss, "Thanks babe,".
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